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Premium Guide Berlin is your reliable and competent partner for your business events. Exclusive guided tours and city tours by road can be perfectly combined with all conceivable business events.

1) If you’re in need of a breather
It’s been a packed morning of conferences and there are more speeches to come this afternoon. Grab some fresh air after the lunch break and stretch your legs on a quick tour. In Berlin, virtually every street corner tells a story.

2) If you need to fill in some time
The business lunch is over and you have a bit of time to spare before the next meeting: take your mind off work by going on a guided tour and combine a pleasant experience – learning something about the capital’s gripping history – with something useful – stretching your legs.


3) As an exclusive social programme
Throughout the day, you’ve attended workshops, talks, presentations and/or seminars as part of your company’s business event. It feels like you’ve been sitting down forever, sometimes in rooms with next to no light and no fresh air. Everyone’s looking forward to gathering later on for a nice dinner together. Why not arrange for a guided tour/city tour by road taking you from the conference venue to your dinner location? That way, you’ll kill more than two birds with one stone. Your participants and guests will be able to say that they’ve seen more than just the conference venue and will have the chance to take photos of iconic sites such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. And that’s not all: after a mammoth day of conferences, your body will thank you for giving it some fresh air and stretching your legs a little before you sit down to dinner.

4) The classic accompanying programme
Half of the group is at the conference whilst the other half is free, but needs to be entertained. Here too, as part of what used to be referred to as the ‘Ladies’ Programme’, guided tours and city tours by road lend themselves perfectly to this occasion. Amongst the almost endless possibilities on offer, you might wish to opt for a trip to Potsdam or a boat trip down the Spree in addition to walks through the city or city tours by road.

Special topics
Your company or industry has a connection to Berlin, which you’d like the tour to highlight. Or maybe you need me to take it a step further: for example, you’d like me to touch upon your company ethos during one or several tours.
Please feel free to discuss things with me. We’ll find out together what – time permitting – is feasible. Just send an email to the address below, or phone if the event is due to take place at short notice.
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